Liquid collection tray 2 barrel (240 liters)

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Liquid collection tray 2 barrel (240 liters)
  • Liquid collection tray 2 barrel (240 liters)
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Bunded pallets are a quick and easy way to protect against chemical or lubricant spillage.
Modern design and tough construction helps to protect environment against leaks and spills of stored substance, which could lead to costly clean up's and financial penalties.
Bunded pallets range provides an exceptionally cost-effective option for any kind of liquid storage. Lightweight and ribbed for added strength, the pallets and workfloors are easy to transport, relocate and store. They are also simple to empty and clean. Made from non-corrosive, weather-resistant materials they are virtually maintenance free.
The modular design of the spill containment range means that units can be linked together to create any required storage area. Special link blocks enable easy connection linking one unit to another, creating larger areas if required. Special ramps can also be attached, making it easier to move drums around.
If you would like a detailed list of chemicals that can be stored on the pallets, please contact us.

Capacity l
Lenght mm
Width mm
Height mm


 Bamded pallets brochure (LT)

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