The retired oil tank OZ200

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Atidirbto tepalo talpykla OZ200
  • Atidirbto tepalo talpykla OZ200
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Waste oil tanks is the safest and most convenient way to store waste oils, in virtually any situation. Made from tough and durable polyethylene, the tanks won't fade, crack or corrode.

The tanks advanced bunded structure provides excellent protection against leaks while a fill stop valve protects the tank from accidental overfill.
Waste oil tanks are exceptionally straightforward to install and don't need collector tanks or special connections. A specially profiled metal inlet means they can be filled with the minimum of mess.
Waste oil tanks are perfect for many applications, including car parks, service stations, bus and truck depots, motor garages, marinas, harbours, shipyards or landfill sites.
Standard equipment:
Oil consumption ferrule adapted for 2'' Kamlock connection (direct connection to a tanker).
Leak detection sensor.
Oil level sensor connection.
Special inlet with a lockable lid:
holding up to 20 l of oil, which helps avoid spillage,
metal screen to prevent dirt from getting inside the tank,
lockable lid.
Optional equipment:
Wireless oil level sensor with display (Oil Watchman Plus),
Overfill protection - maximal fill stop valve.
Capacity l
Lenght mm
Width mm
Height mm


 Waste oil tank brochure (LT)

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