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LED-based product, which is designed to dramatically improve road safety in difficult weather conditions like fog or other situations of poor visibility.
The flashing light of this solar delineator proves to be more receptive to human eyes and is visible from a long distance.
Product Features:
Noticeable from the long distance (over 1,640 feet)
Delineator is equipped with diamond grade LED lamp for better brightness.
Excellent radiation
The aluminium surface on the bottom of the LED cap is treated with ultra sonic for better radiation.
Provides for better visibility
Delineator is equipped with convex lens in front of each LED of body cover.
Automatic regulation of luminosity

The delineators equipped with automatic light sensors that regulate the luminosity. The lights are On and device is luminous in the dark, but it switches the lights Off in the brighter environment when luminosity is not required.
Equipped with reflectors for better visibility
In addition to the delineator light function, each device is equipped with a built-in reflector in the middle of the surface providing for even better visibility when lighted by the headlight of vehicle.
Easy installation and reposition
Since the delineator does not need the electric power, installation and reposition is very simple.
Various mounting options
Various fixing parts can be used for putting the device in place depending on the structure of the road or a site of construction.
The rainwater does not infiltrate into the inside of product.
Technical data:
Light type – flickering or steady light.
Energy type – solar energy, no other power source is needed.
LED colour – amber, red, white.
Dimensions - reflector ø170 x 260 x 50 mm, connection tag ø60 mm.
Fully charged working time – 60 h steady light, 120 h flickering.
Fastening – into round profile tube
Product Applications
Standard delineators are not so good for the visibility in a rainy or foggy area and are not visible from the long distance. The Solar delineator addresses the above issues, so it is recommend to install this product in standard delineator installation areas of the road.
Delineator can be mounted to warn drivers from a distance of an approaching dangerous curves, crossovers, etc. The delineator can be mounted in the areas to lead vehicles in or out of structures (tunnel or bridge) and in foggy areas.
The solar delineator can also be mounted in the dangerous construction zones.


 Solar delineator (LT)
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