Solar road reflector 300m

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Kelio atšvaitas su saulės baterija 300m
  • Kelio atšvaitas su saulės baterija 300m
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Noticeable from long distances (over 950 feet)
The solar reflector is equipped with high grade L.E.D lamp for better brightness and visibility.
Extremely Durable
High strength aluminium and streamline shape minimize the effect of friction and improves durability.
Provides for better visibility
Reflector is equipped with convex lens in front of each LED of body cover. Installed on
the road, it improves driving safety during fog, rainy or bad weather.
Automatic regulation of luminosity
Equipped with automatic light sensors that regulate the luminosity. The lights are On and
device is luminous in the dark, but it switches the lights Off in the brighter environment.
Longer Battery Life
Fully changed, this solar reflector provides light for over 10 days continuously in the bad weather or rainy season.
REED Switch
These products are equipped with a magnetic switch that disconnects the power from the
LED lights. This feature provides instant illumination once the magnet is removed during
installation and keeps the battery fully charged during the shipping process.
Sealed design makes reflector completely weatherproof.
Technical data
Reflector type – onesided or twosided
Light type – flickering or steady light.
Energy type – solar energy, no other power source is needed.
LED color – amber, red, white, green, blue.
Dimensions - reflector ø170 x 260 x 50 mm, spike ø30 mm. h – 55 mm
Fully charged working time – 60 h steady light, 120 h flickering.
Fastening – in to the asphalt or concrete with epoxy glue.
Crosswalk and pedestrian track marking.
Opposite lanes delineation.
Kerbs marking.
Tunnels, bridges.


 Solar road reflector (LT)
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