Temporary barrier with plastic net LIMIT 2

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Laikinas plastikinio tinklo užtvaras LIMIT 2
  • Laikinas plastikinio tinklo užtvaras LIMIT 2
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Temporary barrier LIMIT 2 consists of metal frame, covered with plastic net which makes innovative, light, practical to use, easily noticeable and safe barrier system.

LIMIT 2 barriers can be used in building lots or temporary working areas, for fencing obstacles or other potentially dangerous areas, for separating people flow during sports contests, concerts or other events.

Due to their compact dimensions, they are very practical to use on streets, old towns as they do not disturb traffic of transport and pedestrians.

Barriers are easy to mount, transport or store.

Plastic net is chemicals and atmospheric impact resistant.

Bright colours of the barrier net make it easily noticeable without additional marking.

Dimensions of one barrier section: 1,85 x 1,2 m.

Modular fencing for building site TENAX LIMIT 2 Modular fencing for building site TENAX LIMIT 2

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