Round shaped column protection

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Apskrita sandėlių kolonos apsauga
  • Apskrita sandėlių kolonos apsauga
Teirautis šios prekės

Available with one or wo rings.

The system consists of:

Semi circle buffers (Spring steel profile 160x40 mm) - 2 or 4 pcs.

Buffer upright (100x14,3 mm steel strip, feet length of 300 mm, upright height 610 mm) - 4 pcs.

The base plate (250x150x14 mm steel strip, 3 mm) - 4 pcs.

Ring connection plate - 2 or 4 pcs.

Bolts (M16) - 4 pcs.

All necesary fasteners.


 Colums protection brochure (LT)
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