Sand-salt mixture

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Smėlio druskos mišinys
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  • Smėlio druskos mišinys
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Sand-salt mixture packed in bags 25 kg each.

This is mixture for spreading on slippery and snow-covered tracks, paths, stairs and other slippery surfaces.
The mixture ensures quicker melting of ice, snow, rut and provides better traction when driving or walking.
Mixture packed in polypropylene bags 25 kg each; so is very convenient to store and there is no need to keep mixture outdoor or in boxes.

Why salt? Why with additive?
Salt helps to melt ice, snow, ruts and does not let snow ice-up and lowers possibility of wet surface to ice-up.
The salt content in mixture is calculated to make the least harm and not to damage road surface, but also to be effective enough for maintaining the surrounding.
The salt in the mixture has additives which do not allow it to stick into the stone.
Why sand? Why washed?
Sand is used for better grip with surface while driving or walking.
You will easier drive uphill using sand.
Washed sand is frost-free comparing with unwashed clayey sand.
As the washed sand is clay free, so the dirt from mixture is not carried into the facilities.

Washed sand            -   85%
Salt with additive    -   15%

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