Solar flashing built-in road reflector

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  • Į dangą įleidžiamas mirksintis atšvaitas su saulės baterija
  • Į dangą įleidžiamas mirksintis atšvaitas su saulės baterija
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This solar road reflector is powered by solar cells, which are built inside the reflector, so it does not need any additional power source. Automatic light sensor turns on reflector at dusk and turns it off at dawn. This system is the best solution for marking dangerous road sections, pedestrian crossings and for bicycle paths.

Compared to conventional reflector systems, the installation cost of these reflectors is up to 10 times lower and does not require any additional engineering solutions and paving preparation for wire connection.

Solar flashing road reflector has integrated high technology LED lights which make it more visible at long distances and operation time is almost unlimited.

Reflector is milled into paving, so it is only 6 mm above the ground and is completely secured from damage in winter time when snow is cleaned. Firm polycarbonate shell secures LED lamps and solar cells from mechanical damages.

High flashing frequency – 600 times per second to avoid asynchronous flashing of several or more lights simultaneously.

Reflector is equipped with automatic switch to turn off when the battery is discharged up to 1,0 V. This ensures long and reliable functioning of the reflector.

The upper part of the shell is mounted to the housing using six screws, making it easy to change the internal components without removing the reflector from the paving.

Polycarbonate cover has special notched antiskid surface that protects pedestrians from possible injuries if stepping on the reflector’s surface.




 Ø125 x 46mm

 LED lamps

 Ø10 x 10 000mcd

 Solar cell

 2.5V x 250mA

 LED type/colour



 1.2V x 2,500mA


 10 mA/h

 Continuous operating time

 120 hours (10 hours)


 Housing: aluminum

shell: Polycarbonate



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