Protection against shocks - Crash absorber

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Apsauga nuo smūgių - Crash absorber
  • Apsauga nuo smūgių - Crash absorber
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  • Excellent protection against vehicles coming from the rear
  • The cushions cover the whole breadth of the vehicle
  • Crash absorbers for 80 km/h and 100 km/h impact speed available
  • High visibility to the back when the cushion is lifted
  • Low wind resistance
  • Light weight
  • Made of reusable material
  • With CE marking
  • Warning board with light arrow combination type 7000 and blue arrow sign
  • Also available with LED variable message sign
  • Absorber material made of aluminium, therefore excellent fire protection and water resistance
Hydraulic aggregate 24 V for stand-alone operation.

Separate battery box for sand-alone powe supply

Extension of the adapter, e.g. for the use on gritter lories

Mounting via a crane mounting plate
Rechargable battery 12 V 230 Ah (2 pcs each device)

Carger 30A

Radio package

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